COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update


Everyone Too many parcels are in DHL and Fedex warehouses, resulting in DHL and Fedex starting to limit the number of daily shipments, so if your order has not been sent, please do not worry, please do not contact customer service, our customer service accepts more than 400 copies per day emai, we will ship your order as soon as possible, all users who purchase JCEX will upgrade to FEDEX

There is good news, we have created a Fedex account, Europe can ship, but the number will be limited every day, so we will ship all orders in the future

But if import tariffs are generated, please pay, it is the obligation of every citizen,We don't pay import duties.

Because flights are limited. FEDEX can deliver 50kg per day in Europe, 100kg per day in America and 300kg per day in Asia. DHL is now suspended and will resume next Wednesday. DHL has more than 5,000 tonnes of parcels stuck at the airport, taking at least four days to process.

We have two accounts available(DHL and Fedex) so please don't worry, the world is back to normal.

Everything will be fine!


Stay safe and hope you all in good health!


Best regards


KBDfans team

April 18, 2020