COVID-19 Update

We apologize for any inconvenience during this hard time. We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy, keep social distancing, let’s get through this tough time together. When the courier company back to normal, we will be on the Discord channel @everyone, and unfulfilled orders will continue to stay in our warehouse.

Regarding orders from some EU countries:

1. It is with heavy heart to announce that we are going to suspend shipping to certain EU countries, starting today.Italy,Spain,United Kingdom,France,Germany,Poland,Ireland,Belgium,Portugal,Cyprus,Denmark,Sweden,Finland,Austria,Bulgaria,Estonia,Malta,Czech Republic,Hungary,Slovakia,Slovenia,Netherlands,Lithuania,Latvia,Croatia,Luxembourg,Romania,Greece

2. KBDfans customer service is likely to be delayed, factories are still not back at full capacities yet. But we will make sure everyone is satisfied in the end, as always. U.S. orders have varying degrees of delay

Regarding import customs:

1. If your package is charged with import customs, please just pay it. It is your duty to pay for import customs as a citizen of your country.

2. If you refuse to pay for import customs therefore refuse to receive your package, you are causing unnecessary trouble to other people. Kbdfans will have to pay for the shipping cost for it to be shipped back to their warehouse(which can be up to 120USD), otherwise the package will be destroyed.

Regarding receiving your current shipped orders:

1. Please keep your cell phone on. DHL might need to contact you.

2. Please make sure kbdfans is not on your junk mail list. Check your emails. Keep an eye on the tracking notification.

3. Logistics in some countries/areas are heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve heard some packages are being delivered to a pick-up location, or even being dropped off at your front door. (DHL packages usually require your signature).


Best regards

KBDfans Team

March 20, 2020