KAT profile keycaps series

KAT profile keycaps series

Keyreative® All Touch

Keyreative® 首款自主研发全新高度机械键盘键帽
Keyreative’s First self developed new profile mechanical keyboard keycaps

键设局 简介
Keyreative Introduction
Keyreative, established in December 2013, is a studio focuses on mechanical keyboard keycaps. It’s known for its graphic design, 3D modeling, structural design and keycap production related mold and machinery whole package design business. The studio is experienced with dye sublimation, laser etching and keycap dyeing as well as CNC and resin caps.
So far  Keyreative  has successfully designed and manufactured some well know keycap sets on Chinese market, Gradient, EVA, Joker, just to name a few. With experience of manufacturing over 30,000 keycap sets, Keyreative has developed its own manufacture standard with restrict quality assurance. Yet,  Keyreative  is still developing new profile, new solution and new processes...

After analysing Cherry, SA, DSA profiles, and proposing dozens of new profiles, KeyCreative finally came up with the new MiniSA (KAT) profile. It’s adapted the slope design from Cherry but increased row height, especially for R5 and changed the slope degree for each row. (Pic 1.1&1.2)
图1.1 :粉色:Cherry高度;蓝色:SA高度;黑色:KAT高度
Pic 1.1 : Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile
图1.2 :粉色:Cherry高度;蓝色:SA高度;黑色:KAT高度
Pic1.2 :Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile

3D Printed Sampling:
1.      F区键帽为距离手指最远的一行,目前去触发F区键帽,特殊的倾斜角度,手指会有被“迎合”的感觉,有效缩短了触发时手指需要移动(按压)的距离,尤其是对需要频繁使用F区的游戏,会提高手指的效率、延缓疲劳时间。(图2)
1.Function row (ESC row): as the farthest row from the home row, KeyCreative applies an inclined design to provide a welcoming feeling to fingers. It allows faster triggering, which is significant for gamers as it improve efficiency and reduces stresses to fingers. (Pic 2)
图2 :F区倾斜角度对比
Pic2:Function Row Comparison

2.      CTRL键是使用频率非常高的按键,但它特殊的位置也会导致不是特别容易被按压,我们调研到大部分用户主要两种按压方式:a.用小拇指的指尖按压;b.用小拇指最下方的手掌按压:(图3)
2. Ctrl key: is the highly frequently used key on board. However, it’s relatively harder to reach due the keyboard layout. From the survey, we learnt that most users use either ①little finger or ②the top part of the palm for the key. (Pic 3).
图3 :我们特地做了角度调整,以方便更精确的触发按键,一定程度上也降低误触的几率:(图4)
Pic 3 :  KAT profile allows more precious triggering and lower chance of misuse. (Pic 4)
Adjustment for Ctrl for both triggering methods
图4,Pic 4

3.      相比SA键帽,约束了不同列键帽之间的间隙,键帽之间的关系更加统一,减少用户适应KAT高度键帽的时间:(图5)
3. Unified spacing between rows: Different from Cherry and SA profile, KAT keeps same distance among the rows. This allows user to adapt to the new profile easier and start to enjoy faster. (Pic 5)
 Pic 5 :Pink: Cherry profile; Blue: SA profile, Black: KAT profile
Unified spacing, similar as Cherry profile

Keycap Structure
1.      加厚的键帽内壁,极限1.65mm。得益于键帽接近90°的立面,我们可以将内壁设计的厚达1.65mm(图6.1),我们委托工厂制作的实验模具也可以很好的达到该厚度,(图6.2),量产大货键帽厚度应该为:1.65mm ±0.1 .
1.Thanks to the near vertical design, the thickness is increased to maximum at 1.658mm. (Pic 6.1) Judging from the sampling we made, it’s achievable. The thickness for final product will be 1.65 ±0.1 mm.
Pic 6.1
Pic 6.2

2.      特殊的球形外观。不得不说,收到SA高度键帽的影响,我们的键帽外观也决定设计为球形。从猫爪上获得灵感(图7.1),四个锥型的棱角末端线条更加锋利(图7.2)
2.Adapting the high profile from SA caps, added inspiration from sharp cat claws (Pic 7.1), KAT uses sharper edges on the sides. (Pic 7.2)
Pic 7.1
Pic 7.2

3.      键帽四个壁底部角度87°,这是最大可注塑角度,结合1.65mm的厚度获得特殊的敲击声音(图8)
3.87 degrees on the bottom part of the cap is used, combing with the 1.65mm thickness, it gives a unique chattering sound while typing. (Pic 8)
87-degree sides for the unique chattering sound
Pic 8

4.      打破“PBT表面只能是粗糙”的说法,表面做了放电表面处理,手感无限接近ABS键帽(图9)(PBT表面粗糙更多是厂家为了提高良品率,粗糙的表面更不容易观察到划痕,同样我们细腻的表面会降低良品率,成本会有所增加)
4.Special treatment used to allow smooth surface on PBT keycaps. The “rough” surface on PBT keycaps is designed to hide scratches occur during manufacturing. The special treatment allows smooth surface on caps but lowers first pass yield and increases cost.
Pic 9

5.      还有更多的微调,例如:键帽正刻的四个R角角度,既清晰可见又不会刮手;键帽正刻特殊的球形兼顾手感和做热升华工艺等等,让用户自己去发掘体验。
5. More micro adjustment, e.g. clear but not sharp fillet corners, high profile keycap with dye sub processes. More experiences to be discovered by users.

The design of the KAT profiled initially started in Dec 2016, submitted for modeling and sample manufacturing in May 2017, and proposed to start mass production in Aug 2018. The set includes 6.25x and 7x spacebar, IOS enter, stepped CapsLock and more for variety layouts.
We will use the best dye sub process available for the legends, as we already did for some well know brands.