KBDfans 关于Fake Gateron Zeal轴体的声明


   KBDfans has long been cooperation with Zeal PC and Gateron factory in friendly. During 2018, we purchased a batch of Zeal switches through former Gateron employee (who has already left his jobs after investigation). Our long-term cooperation partner Zeal PC and Gateron factories has proved that the Zeal switches sold by our shop are high imitation Shanzhai switches. I took the after-sale treatment immediately after verification, and communicated with Zeal and Gateron factories in time. I immediately returned all the remaining unsold switches to the factory for destruction. We actively assisted Gateron factory in recovering and destroying the molds of counterfeit products. KBDfans, Gateron and Zeal PC unanimously condemned the fraud.

   Here, we sincerely apologize to the customer who purchased the fake switches. We have apologized publicly on zfrontier and reddit social media for this incident, pleaded for the understanding of fans and netizens, and promised to refund the fake switches money purchased by customers from May 1, 2018 to May 1, 2019. We have reached a settlement agreement with Zeal PC and Gateron and have voluntarily paid for this incident, and voluntarily abandon the manufacture and sale of the T1 switches. In the future, we will learn lessons, strictly control the supplier chain and quality, operate in good faith, continue to cooperate with Gateron and Zeal PC, and continue to provide fans with good quality products and services.



May 20, 2019