KBDfans D45 V2 Keyboard Kit


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SKU: DP5466
by KBDfans

D45 V2


  • Layout: 50% layout
  • Case material: All CNC 6063 Aluminum
  • Case color: Anodized Black/ Anodized Gray/ Anodized Violet Purple/ E-white
  • Brass weight bar: Sandblasted process
  • Plate: FR4 and Polycarbonate
  • Structure: Gasket mount
  • PCB: 1.Hot swappable PCB (without Per-key RGB) 2.QMK firmware Programmable, VIA support 3. Flex cut 1.2mm thickness 4. with USB-C daughterboard
  • Designed by KBDfans

In-Stock Sale Date

  • 9:00 AM, April 19th, 2023 (Beijing time, GMT+8)


  • Aluminum top and bottom case x1
  • Brass weight bar x1
  • FR4 Plate x1
  • Polycarbonate x1
  • PCB (with daugtherboard) x1
  • Gaskets x1 set
  • Bottom poron x1
  • Plate poron x1
  • EVA switch pad x1
  • Screws and rubber feet x1 set

Estimated Shipping Date

  • One week after payment


mounting style

The daughterboard was added to the V2 series, to ensure the gasket mounting style won't affect the USB port.



The directional keys on the front of the keyboard are

conveniently located in the bottom right corner, making

it easy for users to navigate and edit text and web pages.  



The 50% layout removes the number pad, function keys,

and F keys, making the keyboard more compact and

portable, while also shortening the distance between

keys for faster and smoother typing.


The back of the keyboard features clean with screwless appearance, attractive lines,

a brass weight for stability and quality, and rubber feet

to prevent slipping and improve stability and comfort.



Hot-swap PCB

On the basis of our original v1, we added Flex Cut and canceled the Per-key RGB,
so as to provide a bouncy typing experience.

QMK firmware Programmable: can configure keyboard with the online VIA tool
Hot swappable PCB: easily change the switches using a switch puller
Flex cut 1.2mm thickness, without Per-key RGB and Caps lock LED indicator
Supports the open source daughterboard


The kit includes both two PC and FR4 plates, the typing feeling of PC material is softer than FR4.

You can choose which plate to assemble according to personal preference.


Split arrow keys, and customizable Macros roll.

PBTfans relegendable kits are recommended.



Anodized Black

Anodized Gray

Anodized Violet