Tofu65 Soldered Customized Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

SKU: ZH1375
by KBDfans


  1. Aluminum case
  2. Aluminum plate or  Polycarbonate Plate or Brass Plate
  3. KBD67 rev2.0 PCB (RGB underglow, soldered version)
  4. Cherry screw-in stabilizers
  5. USB-C Cable
  6. Screws and rubber feet
  7. Brass weight


  • Design by KBDFANS
  • TOFU65% high profile aluminum case
  • Fully Programmable
  • 1.Aluminum CNC plate,Sliver color,1.5mm(Plate does not support 7U spacebar. 2.Polycarbonate Plate 3. Brass Plate
  • Cherry Screw-in stabs 
  • KBD67 rev2 is TYPE-C
  • 1.455kg for case 
  • 31.1cm*10.7cm*2cm*3.3cm


Firmware  download

KBD67 PCB——>,Edit the configuration file, download it,Download the QMKTOOLBOX, press spacebar+B, insert USB, BootLoader, install the driver, and update it to the keyboard using QMKTOOLBOX.


QMK MAC OS Driver installation video: