KBD75 V3.1 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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by KBDfans


  • Soldered vesrion: KBD75 Rev 2.0 PCB (PCB0005) (RGB underglow), also fits with KBD75 v1/ v2/ v3 Keyboard, Tofu84 Keyboard, D84 Keyboard
  • Hot-swap version: KBD75 hot swap PCB (RGB underglow, no Per-key RGB) , fits with KBD75 v3/ v3.1, D84 keyboard. Fixed layout (84keys), not support other layouts.
  • Typing angle: 7°
  • Interface: Type-C
  • Case: Top-mount, Aluminum material 75% layout, Acrylic mid-layer
  • Plate: Brass/ Polycarbonate Plate
  • Stabs: Cherry screw-in stabs 60set x1
  • PCB foam: Put it between PCB and Plate
  • Case foam: Put it between PCB and Case
  • Weight bar: Aluminum material default (KBD75 V2 Brass weight bar doesn't fit KBD75 V3.1 Case)
Difference KBD75 V2 KBD75 V3.1
Structure Tray Mount Top Mount
Weight Bar Alu Weight V2 Alu Weight V3.1 with KBDfans logo
Type-C Protector None Added
PCB KBD75 V2 soldered PCB KBD75 V2 soldered PCB/ 75% Hot-swap PCB


  • PCB x1
  • Case x1
  • Plate x1
  • PCB foam x1
  • Case foam x1
  • Stabs 60 set x1
  • USB-C cable x1
  • Screws and rubber feet

Optional Accessories

  • Assembly service: Click
  • Keycaps collection: Click
  • Carrying case: Click
  • KBDfans handmade custom mechanical keyboard Type-C Cable: Link

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