Assembled KBD75 V2 Soldered Mechanical Keyboard

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by KBDfans


  • Structure: Tray mount
  • Anodized KBD75 V2 aluminum case
  • KBD75 PCB (RGB underglow, soldered version)
  • Brass plate or Aluminum plate (Tofu84 Aluminum plate)  
  • Cherry screw-in or GMK screw-in stabs
  • Screws and rubber feet
  • Acrylic mid-layer
  • USB-C cable 

Reminder: Box switches and Novelkeys x Kailh Linear Cream do not support adding switch films and replacing the springs.

Optional Accessories:

  • Handmade Custom Mechanical Keyboard USB-C Cable: Click

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Carrying case 


Maintenance circuit diagram: Click
How do I update the program? Click
Manual: Click