Enjoypbt x ai03 SimpleJA PBT keycaps


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SKU: DP0292
by ePBT

SimpleJA attempts to recreate the vintage "cross-positioned" legends which were common on many vintage Japanese keyboards.

Many hours of research were conducted to create legends that are as genuine to the originals as possible.

Historically used legends from vintage boards were implemented wherever possible; those that did not exist were crafted carefully to match the others.

Design Decisions

The basic white/beige color scheme was chosen as a neutral colorway that matches both the vintage style of the keyset as well as newer sleek keyboards.

The modifier keys were kept all-Japanese for a uniform look.


Spacebars Kit

1x 6U Convex

2x 3U Convex

1x 2.75U Convex

1x 2.25U Convex

1x 2U Convex

2x 1.5U Convex

2x 1U

Numpad Kit

Keys to fill a numpad, whether regular, all-1U, or part of a 1800 layout.

The order of the 1U modifiers are based on the style found on the NEC PC-8801 and PC-9801 series.

Ortho Kit

Many 1U keys which can help fill ortholinear and smaller ergonomic boards.

Function Kit

Includes both a vertical M1-M10 cluster for XT/AT inspired layouts, as well as a F13-F24 cluster for 122-key inspired battleships.



  • PBT plastic
  • Dye-sub
  • Cherry profile
  • Enjoypbt manufacturing
  • Design by ai03