KBDfans BFCM Promotion


BFCM Promotion start time:Beijing time 8:00 AM on November 27th, ends on December 3th
During the event, merchant users can use PayPal to pay on the website with the following discount coupons

1. PayPal Discount coupons, total amount USD $20000. ( Thanks for the official sponsorship of PayPal)

Reminder: If the discount code is invalid when the order is submitted, it means that the discount code has reached the upper limit;Regarding the situation where the coupon cannot be used due to order cancellation, KBDfans will not make any adjustments.

The PayPal discount code can only be used once per account. If you place a second order, you can use the discount code provided by KBDfans. It is unlimited.

The discount code has no restrictions on the product. The discount code can be used for the entire store. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Over 50 USD,get 5 USD discount(QTY:500 ) CODE: YANTK0DH2P48
Over 100 USD,get 10 USD discount(QTY:750 ) CODE: M28RTKR0H9HA
Over 220 USD,get 50 USD discount(QTY:200 ) CODE: QN0JPE5V1673

Paypal's discount code can only be used once per account 、

2. KBDfans Discount coupons Unlimited

Over 50 USD,get 3 USD discount, CODE: DJVEN07EVZKN
Over 100 USD,get 8 USD discount, CODE: YPKA4VNBZB6F
Over 150 USD,get 13 USD discount, CODE: 3M4RAGC899P2
Over 200 USD,get 18 USD discount, CODE: A8NSH6J44CZK
Over 250 USD,get 25 USD discount, CODE: 5F0BVZJYXCNP

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