KBD67 MarK II Mechanical keyboard DIY KIT


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SKU: ZH0216
by KBDfans

Solder version assembly service: Click

Hot-swap version assembly service: Click

There is a new flashing method for KBD67 MarK II V3 pcb.


1. kBD67MarK II case
2. KBD67MarK II PCB (hot-swap version or soldered version)
3. KBD67 Brass plate (hot-swap version or soldered version)
4. Two foams(one is case foam, another one is between pcb and plate) 
5. Screws and rubber feets

Thank you for buying KBD67MarK II! !

Important information: Please check your address, especially your phone number, it must be correct and detailed, because after the package arrives at the local customs, if you cannot be reached for a long time, the package will be returned to China, which will result in an expensive return cost.

The combined order is not refunded in full freight, now we charge according to the weight of the product, the refunded freight will be the difference in weight.



If the following FAQ does not solve your question, you can contact customer service and we will add a new answer


Q: After checkout, can I change the layout and materials?

A. Sorry, please confirm the product you purchased before purchasing. After checkout, it is not possible to modify the order information (such as layout, color, etc.), but you can modify the address information.

Q: About color difference

A: All aluminum products will have color difference after anodizing. Subtle difference in color is normal. Different product weights will produce different effects during the anodizing process. We will not accept the slight difference caused by the color Returns and refunds.


Q: Do I need to purchase additional accessories?

A: The product contains PCB and Plate. If you buy the hot swap version, we will match the Hot swap version of the Plate. If you buy the soldered version, we will send it together with the soldered version of the Plate.

Note: The Hot swap version of the PCB does not support ISO layout, only the soldered version supports ISO layout.

PCB supported by KBD67MarK II:


Q: How do I customize the keyboard

A: The Hot swap version of the PCB supports the latest Via program, download site (www.caniusevia.com)

        The soldered version of the PCB currently only supports the configuration file of the config.qmk.fm website. After downloading, use the QMKTOOLBOX tool to update the firmware

Q: After buying DIY KIT, what else do I need to buy to become a complete keyboard

A: After purchasing DIY KIT, you also need to purchase Stabilizer (https://kbdfans.com/collections/keyboard-stabilizer), Switches (https://kbdfans.com/collections/aliaz-switches/products/switch-68- cherry-gateron-zealio), USB cable, Keycaps and assembly


Q: Do I need to pay import duties?

A: We will declare the real amount of each package in accordance with Chinese laws. You may need to pay import duties and send them through Fedex or DHL (generally will arrive in 3-5 days, because COVID_19, transportation may be delayed ). This is normal. After the package is sent, you will receive the email from us. Your tracking number will be in the mail. You can get the latest status update through Fedex or DHL's website.


Q: Product warranty and return policy

A: The product supports a limited warranty within one year. Within 7 days after the product is received, if there is a quality problem, we can provide a free replacement. You can choose to send it to our local warehouse. 7 days after the product is received, returns and exchanges are not supported. If the product has quality problems within one year, it can be sent to the local warehouse, only need to pay the freight to the warehouse.






The KBD67 has been redesigned for a refined experience at an accessible price point.
Top-mounted internals and hotswap options makes this board perfect for every occasion.

Refined Look

The original KDB67's aesthetics have been retained while being improved throughout.
A flush USB-C connector and improved weight bring pleasing renovations over the original.

Overhauled Internals

The plate mount structure has been changed from bottom mount to top mount, positively influencing sound and feel.
The typing angle has been increased slightly without increasing overall board height.

A Board for All

Both hotswap and solderable PCB and plate options are available to choose based on skill level.
The KBD67 MarK II is the perfect choice as an entry board, switch testing and break-in unit, or portable board.

Current specs

Case weight: 800g
Dimensions: 313 x 108 x 29mm
Typing angle: 6 degrees Case material: Aluminum (case halves), brass (weight and plate)
Hotswap PCB features: 
- Per-key RGB
- USB Type C
Soldered PCB features: 
- In-switch backlighting
- Flex slot cutout
- USB Type C
- ESD and overcurrent protection

If assembly is required, purchase the assembly service and switch

Solder version Plate Link:https://kbdfans.com/products/kbd67markii-brass-plate

PCB drawing download