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by GMK

GB Date: November 16th, 2021


A degenerate artisan goblin in the Switchkeys server said to me early this year “Oi stew, I want these, make it happen” to which I said, yeah ok, when I get time. Nearly 6 months later, I had time.

When looking at the idea of doing a buy of relegendables for beige (the best colourway) I realised there hadn’t been a run of these for a while and that maybe people want them in more than just beige. So, I’ve included a few options. There are 7 kits in total. There are 5 kits of blanks and 2 kits with front printed legends.

Why the plus?
Well in the past these kits had only usually been done in single colours or to suit a specific set, so the plus is to set it apart from those.

For more information on Relegendable kits and their history, please refer to the deskthority link below.


Photo credit to TaehaTypes for the beautiful looking Rev 1 with WOB on it. As for the beige beauty, if anyone who’s who owns the photo, please let me know.
Unfortunately, I don’t own any of these caps to take my own photos, part of the reason I wanted to run this GB so much.


Front printed kits – CR base and U9 base.
These include front printed kits in the two colourways we assumed would be the most popular. The legends chosen will cover the top row of a TKL/full size as well as the nav cluster. While yes the row height would be better if it matched the rows of the nav cluster, I’m not sure GMK will be able to cater to this request and as far as I know they only make them in the R1 profile.

Blanks kits – CR, WS1, U9, L9 and N9.
These kits will cover a range of common colourways used frequently on GMK sets. If you are unsure if these kits will match your set, please ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP. The short version, is it will cover you for most things WOB or BOW, sets with white alphas (that aren’t WS2), all the classic beige variants and anything with dolch coloured mods. Recent sets that some of these will work with (blanks kits) include the Desert base of Botanical R2, Monochrome mods, Minimal, Serika Accents (to be confirmed), Sixes, Modern Desko, Patisserie, Stealth, Thinkcaps, Beta, Dolch R5 etc. You get the idea. They’re useful for many, many kits. 

The choice to include sets of 10 was based on how many people would need and was the best value compromise we could come up with. The goal was to balance the needs of those who only want a few and those who (most commonly) will want to fill the top row of a TKL.

Board Renders

More incoming… If you have specific render requests, please let me know in the IC form below.


If you have any specific requests for colours I may have missed or if the kitting could be improved, please let me know.
If you have any specific requests for colours I may have missed or if the kitting could be improved, please let me know.


OCE - Switchkeys
US - Space
EU - CandyKeys
CA - Ashkeebs
KR - SWAG Keys
CN - KBDFans
SEA - iLumkb
PH – Zion Studios
UK - Prototypist

If your region is not listed here, please reach out (either vendors or people who would like this in their region and we will see what we can do).