Epiphany 70

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • PCB: 1.2mm hotswap PCB
  • Plate: Fr4 and PC
  • Structure: Plate Top mount/ PCB Gasket mount
  • Typing angle: 8°
  • Front height: 20.95mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg before assembly



  • Case x1
  • Fr4 non-flex cut plate x1 and PC non-flex cut plate x1
  • 1.2mm single-mode non-flex cut PCB × 1
  • Silicone socks x1 set
  • Foam kit x1 set
  • Rubber feet x1 set
  • Screws x1 set


The entire keyboard body is made of aluminum, without PVD polishing or any lighting elements, but it has the additional quality of being aesthetically pleasing and understated in its appearance. Any particular story or background did not inspire the overall appearance and shape of the keyboard, but rather it was a serendipitous discovery of combining various design elements, like an epiphany moment. This is also the origin of the keyboard's name "Epiphany".

The keyboard features a pure, minimalist design that relies on the aluminum material's inherent beauty and its components' thoughtful arrangement. Rather than trying to follow trends or incorporate flashy features, the Epiphany keyboard aims to provide a refined, timeless look that will appeal to users who appreciate understated elegance and a focus on essential functionality.

Elegant Minimalist Design

The Epiphany70's design strictly follows two principles - "elongation" and "curvature". With a 70%+5% layout, the extended length and softened, flowing lines create a refined, elegant aesthetic.
The restrained, low-profile design exudes understated sophistication. Every detail, from the smooth contours to the balanced proportions, has been carefully considered for a harmonious, premium look and feel.
This unique blend of an elongated profile and curved lines sets the Epiphany70 apart, delivering both functional efficiency and visual elegance.
The design of the curvature is harmoniously reflected in the details on both the front and back of the keyboard. From the front view, the large rounded corners on all four sides of the keyboard are layered, ensuring that the arc radius from the key edges to the four corners of the enclosure is consistent.
Additionally, the frame around all four sides of the keyboard has an equal width, giving the keyboard a pleasing and comfortable first impression. The keying area on the front also has an overall recessed design, with the recessed edges maintaining consistent rounded corners and a smooth, curved transition. The entire front view appears harmonious and well-coordinated, adding to the immersive visual experience of the typing experience.
The design of the keyboard's underside also boldly incorporates curved elements. From the rounded rectangular planes on the sides, transitioning to the slanted curved surfaces, and then to the smooth arched center, the underside design likewise ensures harmony and consistency. Moreover, the dramatic curved design further makes the Ep70 stand out, lending it a very unique appearance.
All of the aforementioned design elements also give the keyboard's side profile a distinctive character. Viewed from an angle, the Ep70 also has a sense of suspension. The entire keyboard utilizes a simple top and bottom cover assembly structure.

Keyboard specification

Ep70 still adopts the more traditional silicone gasket mount; of course, in order to give players more ways to play and choose, Ep70 also supports the plate TOP mount.

1.2mm non-flex cut PCB surface features a gold-plated LOGO design.

The kit includes two non-flex cut plate, made of FR4 material and PC material respectively, and there is also a gold-plated LOGO design with slots above the directional keys.

There are no screw posts between the PCB and the plate, so it is recommended that players assemble the keyboard with foams, using the switches to fix the PCB and plate.

We need to give players an early warning that even without assembling any bottom foam and using the PCB Gasket, the Ep70 still has a relatively stiff feel. Meanwhile, since the distance between the inner shell bottom and the bottom case is quite close, the room for depression is also minimal, so players who prefer a soft and bouncy feel need to be aware of this. The sound performance is also a matter of personal preference, but it is safe to say that it is not at the top tier level, so players who are particular about the feel and sound need to take note.

Of course, we still recommend that players configure at least 1mm of bottom foam at the bottom to prevent the PCB from sagging and contacting the metal bottom case, causing short circuits or other issues.



① Near the internal screw column of the keyboard bottom shell, visible knife marks are present.

  ② Due to processing limitations, the chamfer at the junction of the keyboard bottom shell is not the neat style as shown in the rendering, there is a certain degree of unevenness.

③ When viewed at a very specific angle, a tiny gap can be seen on the keyboard bottom cover plate.