RS6 Hot-swap WKL PCB

SKU: DP2437
by KBDfans


  • Hot swap version
  • Wired version
  • Type-C interface
  • 60% WKL layout (no arrow keys)
  • 7U spacebar, 1.75U Right Shift, 2.25U Left Shift
  • Per-key RGB on the top, no RGB underglow 
  • South-facing RGB (ESC, 1 keys are North-facing RGB)
  • Pre-soldered Kailh sockets
  • RS special software to program (Only for Win OS,  MAC users need to use virtual machine)
  • RGB settings are being updated and cannot be set temporarily
  • USB Drive Flash Method
  • Compatible with DZ60 RGB WKL PCB foam and most 60% case (such as Tofu60, Blade60, D60 case, etc.)
  • NOT support VIA, QMK firmware
  • NOT compatible with DZ60 RGB WKL Case foam

Flash Manual