Alopow Resin Wrist Rest

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Alopow Resin Wrist Rest - 60 / Tropical Sea is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

SKU: DP2713
by KBDfans

    Product Description

    The Resin wrist rest, which is made of a combination of epoxy resin and has a baking finish surface. It is normal that there may be small bubbles in the resin. So handicrafts are not flawless products.


  • 60 option- 300(length) x 80(width) mm
  • 68 option- 315(length) x80(width) mm
  • 87 option- 360(length) x80(width) mm
  • 104 option- 440(length) x80(width) mm
  • Front thickness (10mm) x Back thickness (18mm)

    Note: Just a Resin Wrist Rest included, no keyboard.