Alopow 60% Resin Case for Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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SKU: DP1458
by Alopow
  • 60% Resin Case 
  • Color options: Alabaster White/Galaxy Purple/Sand Storm/Tropical Sea/Mystic Jade/Raven Shade
  • Compatible with DZ60rev 3.0 PCB ( Solderable PCB; RGB underglow; Support QMK firmware and VIA configurator ) only.
  • Screw size: M2-4
  • Case size: 306*119*29*22 MM
  • The depth of the battery compartment is 3mm
  • The depth of the USB interface is 6mm
  • Alopow 60% Resin Case Acceptable Quality Standards: Click
Combination Recommendation:FULLY ASSEMBLY DZ60 PCB