Cary Works x KBDFANS ViewEdge

SKU: DP2381
by KBDfans

Design Details

  • Super mini size monitor, exquisite desktop decoration
  • The appearance of the original Macintosh
  • High-quality screen
  • Copper base counterweight and nameplate (smile face)
  • Ammunition box packaging

Design Overview

Appearance size: 93*100*105(mm)

Material introduction: aluminum parts: 6063 aviation-grade aluminum

Copper parts: C36700 brass

Surface treatment:
  • [Black] E-black
  • [Copper parts] Transparent plating, anti-oxidation
  • [White] E-white

Interface introduction: power interface-Mirco USB (any USB interface can be used)

Signal interface-standard HDMI

Delivery introduction: The finished product will be shipped pre-assembled.

Display Overview

  • Screen type: AM-OLED
  • Screen size: 3.8
  • Resolution: 1200*1080, 423PPI
  • Pixel arrangement: vertical RGB strip arrangement
  • Color gamut: 100% sRGB
  • Frame rate: 90GHz

Function Overview

    1. Connection
       Use HDMI cable to connect ViewEdge to the computer graphics interface, plug in the power cord, the computer will automatically recognize the secondary screen, right-click on the desktop, select "Display Settings", you can see the connected ViewEdge, individual computers please manually adjust "Display direction" to get a better display effect. Select "Advanced display settings", you can see the detailed parameters of ViewEdge

     Note:The default wiring of the driver board is WIN mode, this firmware achieves the best effect under WIN. There are two buttons on the drive board, one is a switch (basically not used), and the other is a firmware switch. After pressing it, it will switch to firmware 2. Firmware 2 is a compatible firmware, compatible with WIN and MAC (but under WIN, it is not as good as The first firmware works well)

    2. Compatibility

  • Support intel core graphics, N-type graphics, A-type graphics, both MAC and Win systems are supported
  • Can not be compatible with AMD core graphics
  • Can not be compatible with PS, XBOX, NS and other host devices
  • Raspberry Pi Config Link

     3. Function

  • Electronic photo album
  • Video player
  • Performance monitoring
  • Clock & Weather
  • Reminder function
  • Decoration needs