Vulcan x KBDfans MAJA Mechanical keyboard DIY KIT


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SKU: DP0547
by KBDfans


Group Buy of the Maja V2: November 25th, 2021

V2 IC link 


         MAJA is an ergo layout keyboard design by Vulcan and KBDfans. Maja is named after Majapahit, a great empire that once rules southeast Asia. The glorious emblem of Majapahit called the Surya of Majapahit is beautifully engraved on the brass weight. The Maja is made with a highly precision CNC machine from a block of high-quality aluminum and a block of brass for the weight. The Maja weight (2.8kg) without keycaps and switch. Maja features an ergonomic layout with an 8-degree keyboard angle to give a more comfortable typing experience. The top-mounted case system combined with a brass material as the plate will give you a rigged, firm, and consistent acoustic sound when typing. To provide the best end-user experience available The Maja features a hot-swap with a full per-key RGB light with no switch soldering require to assemble the keyboard.
    • Switches options: Click
    • MAJA Wooden wrist rest: Click
    • Keycaps recommended: Click


    • Vulcan x KBDfans
    • Top Mount
    • Brass Plate and Weight
    • RGB Hot-Swappable PCB 
    • QMK/ VIA Firmware support
    • case foam and plate foam
    • TYPE-C USB
    • Ergo layout supports arrow keys
    • Compatible with KBDfans 80% carrying case
    • Typing angle: 8°


      • Case: Aluminum or Polycarbonate material (include brass weight)
      • Plate: Brass material
      • PCB: RGB on the top/ hot-swap PCB/ type-C interface
      • Foam: Two Foams(case foam and plate foam)
      •  Rubber feet and screws 



      Q: When is the expected delivery time?
      A: It is expected to be announced after the end of the group purchase. We will be on Discord and website

      Q: What firmware?
      Answer: MAJA uses open-source QMK firmware. Keyboard firmware can be updated through

      Q: Is there a soldered version of PCB?
      A: For this group purchase, we provide 2 types of PCBs, hot-swappable and soldered versions, and the two versions use the same Plate. The plate is currently only available in matte brass. The hot-swappable version supports RGB, and the soldered version does not.

      Q: Is C to C supported?
      A: Support

      Q: Does the kit include silent cotton?
      Answer: yes, two foams included. case foam and plate foam.

      Q: Stabs selection
      A: Five 2U stabs are required, both cherry PCB mounted stabs and cherry screw-in stabs both can fit. Choose the 104 KIT option.

      Q: How long is the warranty?
      Answer: The warranty is free for one year, and the return shipping fee is not included. The buyer needs to send it to our warehouse at his own expense. We repair it and send it back. KBDfans will bear the shipping cost

      Q: Can you declare at a low value?
      Answer: Sorry, according to Chinese law, we cannot declare low value, we will declare export according to the actual transaction amount.

      Q: Can I refuse to sign after delivery?
      A: Sorry, we cannot return it after sending it. If you reject the package, FedEx will return the package to China, which will result in expensive return shipping charges and import duties. KBDfans will deduct the import duties and return shipping charges from your payment. Refund to you.

      Warm reminder: Before you submit an order, make sure that the accessories (switches, keycaps, stabs, assembly service) you need have been added to the shopping cart, and the shipping cost will be very expensive if purchased separately

       Product structure diagram



         PCB and Foam

         Brass Plate

      Case Options: Black, Deep Blue, Dark Green, Polycarbonate, Grey