EzyezII Frankenstein NO.2846 Kit

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SKU: DP4754
by EzyezII

Ezykeys named the series Frankenstein, the ancestor of the suture monster to make the project more dramatic. The developers of the team have a steady stream of inspiration, but they can't be realized instantly in the long-term industrial process, therefore we choose to endow the product "life" with "plant materials", allowing it to ceaselessly change, evolve, and expand. We want to sustain it -- to create more scientific romance in the present where ideas are drying up and becoming more homogenous.


  • Shell Material: PLA
  • Hot-swap with Per-key RGB
  • Support to set key combinations, macros, etc.
  • Default 5 keys: copy, paste, delete, space, enter


  • Just need to add the switches
  • Only a screwdriver can be used to complete all the assembly


  • PCB
  • Plate
  • Housing
  • Decorative strip
  • Connecting strip
  • Stabs
  • keycaps

16.8 million

RGB axis lighting



Onboard memory

Recording settings

Highly customizable

Key Function

With 5 key positions, the default function of MK.5 is appropriate, and the full keyboard supports custom setting keys. Put it on the desktop, it can solve common shortcut keys with one key, or you can play with it at will. It also provides players with a display base where ISO enter keys, 2.75 long keys, and personalized keys can be placed.

Creativity should not be lost to the long industrial production cycle
When Frankenstein's idea took shape, our first thought was to realize it with 3D printing technology!Because every industrial production process means sacrificing rapid creativity to meet the feasibility of industrial production and the long industrial production cycle, which is not the original intention of Frankenstein was created. Therefore, we would rather sacrifice some of the texture of products brought by metal materials and spray-painting craft in exchange for rapid creativity of the product, which is the respect for originality and creativity.

Corn starch PLA material, environmentally friendly & degradable
In addition to choosing 3D printing technology to quickly realize the creativity, in terms of materials, we used corn starch PLA material for the 3D printing of MK.5 and the outer shell of the expansion package. Corn starch PLA material is non-toxic, pollution-free and degradable, which is an ideal green environmental protection material.

Simple Assembly Is Enjoyment
We know that a wide variety of people who desire to try mechanical keyboards are discouraged by the complicated electronic welding and wiring, so we completely removed the welding and industrial links, and only retain the electronic, structure, and assembly parts, eliminating the trouble and leaving the process to enjoy for you. It doesn't matter if you don't know it at all, just learn about mechanical keyboards through Frankenstein.

Multiple options
A variety of colors, shafts, keycaps, and screen matching allow you to stay different from others and retain your personality.

TIPS: The shell color, shaft body, key cap, and screen will be updated from time to time, providing more choices and personalization.