Fully Assembled DZ65RGB Hot-swap Wooden Keyboard With PBT DA 99 Keycaps

SKU: ZH7215
by KBDfans


  • Case & Wrist Material: Wood
  • Structure: Tray mount
  • Hot-swap version: DZ65RGB V3 Hot-swap PCB (with Per-key RGB on top, without RGB underglow), VIA support, Type-C interface
  • Plate: Polycarbonate
  • Stabilizers: Cherry screw-in stabs 60 set
  • Keycaps: PBT DA 99 Keys keycaps Set (SKU: DP0309)
  • PCB foam: Put it between PCB and Plate
  • Case foam: Put it between PCB and Case
  • Notes: The case is made of organic wood, it is a normal phenomenon if there exists a little gouge or little stripe, please do NOT add it to your cart if that bothers you, thank you.


  • Case x1
  • Wrist x1
  • PCB x1
  • Plate x1
  • Keycaps set x1
  • Case foam x1
  • PCB foam x1
  • Stabilizers 60 set x1
  • USB A-C cable x1

Optional Accessories:

  • Handmade Custom Mechanical Keyboard USB-C Cable: Click

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