Assembled Five Degree DZ60 RGB ANSI Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard

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SKU: ZH4449
by KBDfans


  • Aluminum CNC case
  • Alu or Brass or PC plate 
  • Fully assembled
  • Fully programmable PCB
  • DZ60 RGB ANSI Hot-swap PCB


  1. DZ60RGB ANSI PCB*1 (RGB Hot-swappable, without Arrow keys)
  2. Five Degree Aluminum Case*1
  3. Brass/Aluminum/Polycarbonate Plate*1
  4. Cherry Screw-in Stabilizers 60 Set*1
  5. Rubber feet and screws
  6. USB-C cable

Optional Accessories:

  • Handmade Custom Mechanical Keyboard USB-C Cable: Click

Remember to choose the switches to assemble. If you add the keycaps set to the cart, we will also help you install it.