Gateron Milky housing Brown Tactile Switches

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SKU: ZT00124
by Gateron



    • Tactile
    • 55 cN operating force
    • 2.0 mm pre travel
    • 4.0 mm total travel
    • PCB mount 5pin
    • MX stem

    Regarding the tactile switches:

    • MX Brown vs Gateron Brown: as the other comparison I made about gateron vs MX, it seems that the gateron has a bit more smoothness in them. This the time where I wish I had some clears on hand so I could compare with the Brown. I don't remember them. I tried clears a long time ago and my taste in keyboard wasn't so developed (it was new to me). I think I might like them again but I'm not sure. I feel that their tactility is about the same between this two browns and it is inferior to my Topre board. If I had to take an equivalent in MX for Topre, it wouldn't be Browns for sure.