ePBT Skadi

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SKU: DP1040
by ePBT

ePBT Skadi is a keycap set inspired by the character Scáthach-Skadi from TYPE-MOON's Fate media franchise, who is based on the Norse winter goddess, Skaði.


  • Designed by Sifo
  • Manufactured by enjoyPBT with NEW Moulds
  • Dye-subbed PBT Keycaps
  • Cherry Profile


  • Group Buy: October 13th - November 8th
  • Production: 4-6 Months
  • Estimated Shipping:  July, 2021

Regional Vendors


ePBT Skadi is a group buy. There might be delays and set backs during all stages of the group buy. The timeline provided above is an estimate to the whole group buy. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS ON THESE ORDERS. Renders are for illustration purposes only. Final products may show difference.