KBDPAD MarK II Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

SKU: ZH3385
by KBDfans


Dimensions: 87 x 134 x 32mm

Aluminum Case weight: 483g

Plate: Brass/ Aluminum/ PC material

Typing angle: 7°

KBDpad MarK II PCB features:

       - Soldered version

       - Num lock indicator/backlight switch

       - All-1U switch compatibility

       - Comes with RGB underglow

       - USB Type C

       - ESD and overcurrent protection

KIT included (Order placed after 2021/8/19)
  • Case x1
  • Soldered pcb x1
  • Plate  x1
  • 2U Cherry screw-in stabs x3  NEW
  • PCB foam(DP1397) x1     NEW
  • USB-C cable x1  
  • Screws and rubber feet

Assembly service link: Click

Optional accessories

  • KBDfans handmade custom mechanical keyboard Type-C Cable: Link


In collaboration with ai03, the KBDPAD has been redesigned inside and out.

Enjoy a high-quality, versatile numpad for affordable prices.

Sleek and seamless

Thin bezels have been carefully outfitted with a seamless aesthetic for a modern, minimal look.

A brass plate adds the premium touch.

For all occasions

At 370g, the case is light enough to be carried around, while being solid on the desk.

The top-mounted brass plate offers comfort over extended periods of use.

PCB done right

The PCB offers built-in overcurrent and ESD protection, making it durable against mishaps.

The Numlock key's LED can be switched between indicator and backlight mode with a toggle switch.

The perfect match

The KBD8X MarK II tenkeyless keyboard is designed with the same profile as the KBDPAD MarK II, allowing for a matching aesthetic on the desk.