Hako Royal clear Switches

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SKU: ZT0318
by KBDfans

Product Details
Hako Royal Switches
A collaboration between Input Club and NovelKeys that features combination of Hako and Royal switches. The switches contain the stem, spring, and top housing from the Hako switches, and the thicker leaf that is found in the Royal switches. 
The combination results an a very tactile switch. The Hako stems with the Royal leaf creates a very smooth and more rounded bump versus the sharp tactile bump that is found in the Royals. 
  • Hako Royal Clears - Tactile | 3.6mm Travel | 50g Actuation | 85g Bottom Out
  • Hako Royal Trues - Tactile | 3.6mm Travel | 60g Actuation | 85g Bottom Out 
These switches are sold in packs of 10. Quantity 1 = 10 switches.
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