Baguette 66% Mechanical Keyboard KIT

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SKU: ZH3602
by KBDfans
Fulfilled almost all orders(2022-03-25)
Arranging the shipment (2022-03-07)
Ship to the warehouse batch by batch, Preparing the shipment (2022-02-14)

Group Buy date: September 15th to October 15th, 2021

  • Designer: Enjoy
  • 66% Layout
  • Case Colors: Black, Grey, Forest green, E-White, Blue
  • Mounting system: Top mount with flex cuts
  • Typing angle: 8 degrees
  • Dimensions: 330 x 110 mm
  • Materials used: Aluminum 6061 and Brass
  • Weight : Case + Plate : 1.5kg
  • Plate material: Brass or FR4
  • Plate thickness: 1.5mm
  • Plate finish: Sandblasted
  • Fixed layout
  • QMK support, and VIA support (recognized by VIA after loading the Json file)
  • RGB Hotswap or Soldered PCB
  • USB-C daughterboard


    • Top piece x1
    • Bottom piece x1
    • Brass weight x1 (Notes: it is normal that there are slight scratches on the inner surface of the Brass weight bar)
    • Brass Blockers x2
    • Screws x1
    • Case+ PCB Foam: Hotswap or Soldered version  x1
    • Plate x1: Brass or FR4 
    • Stabs kit x 1 : 2Ux2, 6Ux1
    • Daughterboard x1
    • RGB PCB Hotswap or Soldered USB - C x1


    • Extra plate: FR4 or Brass
    • Extra RGB PCB USB - C: Hotswap or Soldered
    • Extra Foam

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