[Restock] ePBT Be The One

🚀Only Child Kit In Stock
SKU: DP0818
by ePBT


  • Selling extra in stock (2022-10-26)
  • Expected to be ready to ship in two weeks (2022-09-17)
  • Production completion progress reaches 95% (2022-09-08)
  • Part of kits arrived (2022-8-30)
  • Production completed, Shipping is being arranged (2022-08-03)
  • Estimated to complete the production at the end this month (2022-07-12)
  • Sample confirmed, waiting for manufacture. (2022-05-27)
  • The samples of all kits have been completed for the most part, and there is still a part of the key missing, which can be sent to the designer for confirmation. (2022-04-29)
  • The color has been confirmed, and the complete kit sample is being made (2022-04-01)
  • Received the sample, send it to the designer for reconfirmation (2022-02-14)
  • The mold has been debugged, waiting for sample confirmation(2021-12-23)
  • The sample is expected to be completed next week (2021-12-11)
  • Group Buy Date: February 1st-February 28th


  • Profile: Cherry profile 
  • Manufacturer: ePBT
  • Material: PBT 
  • Production Methods: Reverse Dye-sub 
  • Designer: Zekth

Acceptable Quality Standards: Link


  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • This keyset is heavily inspired by the IDE theme One Dark Pro. It's a PBT set kind of discrete with a composition potential using the several kits available. Also note that there is NorDe, FR, and BE kit.