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SKU: DP2426
by ePBT
  • Sample confirmed, queued for production (2022-6-10)
  • R2 samples arrive, send to the designer and wait for the designer to reply (2022-04-29)
  • Sent the R2 color samples (2022-04-23)
  • The second version of the sample has been shipped out, waiting for the designer to confirm(2022-03-14)
  • Received the color card sent by designer, adjusting the color (2022-03-07)
  • Sample not approved, the designer sent the color card to make a new sample (2022-02-14)
  • The mold has been debugged, waiting for sample confirmation2021-12-23
Estimated shipping date: to be updated

Group Buy Date: MAY 1st - MAY 31
Estimated shipping date: to be updated


  • Designer: Raravin
  • Production Method: white keys are dye-sub, multi-colored keys are reverse dye-sub

ePBT Sniper | amCharts

      Hello Everyone! After the amazing success we had for GMK Demon Sword, I wanted to create my next set PBT Sniper! It is another weeb-inspired set but this time we are going with regular Latin alphas, no special hiragana kits of the sort! The set is looking to be produced in ePBT and in the works on getting everything quoted.