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SKU: DP2318
by GMK
Color Sample Confirmed (2022-05-06)
Plastic samples were sent to GMK for color matching. So we wait for the R2 color samples coming to us. (2022-03-17)
We have received the samples from GMK and will be analysing them in the next days. We would post more info and updates as we move along with the color matching process. (2021-12-06)
Queuing for production(2021-09-07
Estimated shipping date: Q3 2022

Group Buy Date: April 9th-May 9th, 2021

Design Inspiration

    We are proud to introduce Agent 01, an elegant, bright, and eye-catching set from GMK themed around a fictious rougue op agent. It's a killer, isn't it!

DISCORD: Link   

Instagram: Link             


USA: Mechs and Co.
UK: Proto[Typist]
China: KBDFans
Sea: Ilumkb
Oceania: DailyClack                                                    

Artisan Keycaps     
  • RAMA Fingerprint (glow in the dark, Alu, R1, 1U)

  • RAMA Garrote (glow in the dark, Alu, R3, 2.25U)

  • THOK (Gunmetal gray, PVD Brass)