GMK Lavender

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SKU: DP2532
by GMK

Group Buy date: June 1st-30th, 2021
Estimated shipping date: will be announced after the GB ends


  • Material: ABS material
  • Production Method: Doubleshot


Throughout various cultures, lavender is represented in food, drinks, and fashion.
GMK Lavender is inspired by these uses throughout the world, as well as the flower’s calming color.
I chose a more muted shade of lavender for this set to reflect how this color is used in modern culture and fashion.


US:  Space (SpaceCables)
CA:  Ashkeebs
SA:  Fancy Customs
EU:  CandyKeys
UK:  proto[Typist]
OCE:  SwitchKeys
SEA:  Monokei
PHI:  Zion Studios
South Korea:  SwagKeys
Int'l:  KBDFans


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