GMK Moonlight

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SKU: DP2470
by GMK

Group Buy begins on May 21st, ends on June 26th.

GMK Moonlight


The inspiration for this set came from my love for the great outdoors, specifically the ambiance of the moon. This set uses a dark blue-grey to represent the cool color of the night, and a beige-gold to signify the yellow hue the moon gives off on a night in the wilderness.

The novelties have been catered to create a visual representation of the outdoors, with the Rocky Mountains, toasty campfires, as well as camping!

I have worked with Walker to revamp this IC, as well as redo the novelties and finetune details including colors and deskmats. I hope everyone can appreciate these changes!



Proposed Kits
GMK Moonlight has 4 kits, a base kit with full coverage, an alternate alpha kit, a novelty kit and a spacebar kit.



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