[EXTRA] GMK Moonlight

SKU: DP2474
by GMK


  • Arranging the shipment, not including the Rama and deskmat (2023-1-30)
  • Selling extra pre-order (2022-11-01)
  • Regarding RAMA caps: Expect to be completed in 2-3 months. (2022-06-29)
  • Group Buy begins on May 21st, ends on June 26th.
  • Estimated Shipping Date: To be updated


The inspiration for this set came from my love for the great outdoors, specifically the ambiance of the moon. This set uses a dark blue-grey to represent the cool color of the night, and a beige-gold to signify the yellow hue the moon gives off on a night in the wilderness.

The novelties have been catered to create a visual representation of the outdoors, with the Rocky Mountains, toasty campfires, as well as camping!