Excess Stock R2 KBD67 Lite Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

SKU: DP1561
by KBDfans

 KBD67lite R1  VS  KBD67lite R2

New Column New Column
 R1 KBD67 Lite 
   R2 KBD67 Lite 
 wired version only 
two versions: wired/wireless
cherry screw-in stabs
KBDfans PC screw-in stabs 
CNC PC plate 
Injection molding PC plate 
Not Pre-assembled 
colors:black/white/transparent/transparent tiffany/gray&white/pink

PCB Version 

New Column New Column
Wired PCB
Bluetooth Dual-mode PCB
support Per-key RGB
No RGB, has an indicator on the caps lock key
Based on QMK
Based on TMK
Support VIA 
 can not support VIA,update by ydkb.io
Kailh hot-swap sockets
Gateron hot-swap sockets

R2 KBD67 Lite Installation Tutorial: Click

Optional Accessories

  • KBD67 V3 Gasket Mount Aluminum Case: Click
  • KBD67 LITE Bottom Silicone Pad: Click
  • Switches for KBD67 Lite: Click
  • EPBT Keycaps for KBD67 Lite: Click
  • KBD67 Lite Keycaps Collection: Click


  • Abs plastic material
  • Mute silicone
  • VIA support;Bluetooth version only support TMK firmware
  • Compatible with MX and clone switch
  • RGB and Hot-swap support; Bluetooth version does not support RGB effects
  • USB-C supports MAC, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • KBD67 Lite Acceptable Quality Standards: Click
  • Made in China
  • Design By KBDfans


  • Case: Top and Bottom ABS plastic case
  • PCB: Wired version (RGB hot-swap PCB);Bluetooth 4.0 Dual-mode version (Hot-swappable PCB/ No RGB/ Has an indicator on capslock key)
  • Stabs: KBDfans PC screw-in stabilizers
  • Plate: Injection molding polycarbonate plate (No necessary to add stand-offs)
  • Accessories: Carrying case/ Mute silicone/ Bottom foam/ Coiled usb-c cable/ KBDfans stabilizers stickers/ Rubber feet/ Screws

Flash Guide

  • Wired Version Flash Manual: Click
  • Bluetooth Version Flash Guide: Click

Wired Version PCB VIA Firmware

Notes on Wired Verison PCB

1. KBD67 MKII v2 PCB has pre-flashed with VIA compatible firmware already. So when you plug the keyboard in, the VIA program should detect your board automatically.

2. KBD67 MKII v3 PCB has pre-flashed with VIA compatible firmware already. When you plug the keyboard in, you need to upload the kbd67mkiirgb_v3.json file to VIA first, then the VIA program will detect your board automatically.

Battery Specification

  • recommended battery buy here
  • Lithium polymer, 3.7V battery
  • the connector is PH2.0
  • Leave us a note "PH 2.0黑红线" and we will install connectors for you

The pictures are rendered pictures, not physical products.

EPBT Keycaps for KBD67 Lite (Click here for more pics)