Kailh 10 switches switches tester

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SKU: szq014
by KBDfans
  • BOX Royal - Tactile 75g | 3.6mm travel  BOX Royal Spec Sheet

  • BOX Navy features the same spring as the BOX Pale Blue, but with a thicker clickbar. Sheet

  • BOX Jade features the same spring as the BOX White, but with a thicker clickbar Sheet

  • BOX Heavy Dark Yellow- Liner -70g operating force-same stem as the BOX red Sheet
  • BOX BOX Heavy Burnt Orange-Tactile-60g operating force-same stem as the BOX white Sheet
  • BOX Heavy Pale Blue-Clicky-60g  operating force-same stem as the BOX white Sheet
  • BOX Black – Linear 60g | 3.6mm travel  Sheet
  • BOX Red – Linear 45g | 3.6mm travel Sheet
  • BOX Brown – Tactile 50g | 3.6mm travel  Sheet
  • BOX White – Clicky (linear stem with clickbar) 50g | 3.6mm travel Sheet