ALIAZ Silent Tactile Switches

SKU: ZT00229
by Gateron

  • Style: Tactile
  • Volume: Silent
  • Manufacturer: Gateron
  • Mount: 5-pin PCB mount
  • LED support: Yes
  • Compatible: Cherry MX
  • 2.0 mm pre travel
  • 4.0 mm total travel


    • Tactile switch with mold, housing, and stem redesigned by KBDfans
    • Silent switch with a lubricated stem that glides smoother than stock switches
    • 4 spring weights to choose  60G/70G/80G/100G
    • Choice of either Pcb mount (5 leg)  - with transparent housings
    • Support for SMD RGB LEDs, 2 Leg LEDs and 4 Leg RGB LEDs
    • Transparent housing, Pink-colored stem
    • Has a feeling similar to Mx Clear switches, but smoother and better
    • Manufactured by Gateron