R60 retro keyboard

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by KBDfans

                  R60 Retro Keyboard


The prototype Cherry G80-3077SAU is one of my favorite mechanical keyboards, and I love the great design. We recreated this 60% layout keyboard kit with reference to the shape of the G80-3077SAU.

Design & Colors

R60 is a retro design and excellent anodizing and electrostatic coating process. It uses high-quality aluminum alloy as raw material and is processed by CNC machine. The weight at the bottom is made of brass, and the surface is PVD black. Not only can increase the weight of the keyboard but also more beautiful.The pattern engraved on the weight is the pattern on traditional Chinese furniture, the cloud pattern, which symbolizes peace and auspiciousness.


  • Structure: Leaf spring mount
  • Prototype reference: G80-3077SAU, retro design
  • Programable: QMK firmware/VIA supports
  • Plate: Flex cut
  • PCB: Flex cut, 1.2mm thickness
  • Layout: WKL/WK
  • Weight: Brass, PVD balck surface
  • PCB: Hot-swap/Soldered version
  • Keycaps: PBTfans Dolch+RGBY


  • Case x1
  • PCB x1
  • Plate x1
  • Silicone socks set x1
  • PCB foam x1
  • Switch pads x1
  • PBTfans Dolch+RGBY

Kit contains PBTfans Dolch+RGBY

WKL Layout

WK Layout