EPBT Samurai keycaps set

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SKU: DP0891
by ePBT


  • Estimate Shipping Date:  End of the December. 2021
  • 10/9: Production is expected to end in November
  • 9/3: In production 
  • 8/12: Satisfied with the sample, production is being expedited
  • Mold has been debugged, testing sample!


  • Production Method: Reverse Dye-sub
  • Material: PBT material
  • Options: Multiple kits can be selected.

Group Buy Deadline: 10:00 A.M. EST on September 20th

Estimate Shipping Date:  End of the December. 2021



    This group buying ends on September 20, and this is the first time EPBT has produced reverse Dye-Sub. Since it is dye-sub, black is the most difficult to make, the keycaps will have a little light on the side, we have real pictures on the webpage, if you can't accept, please don't buy, we don't provide replacement keycaps for this problem, Please understand.

    The Keycaps are new molds for EPBT used, and we are confident that we can resolve the problem of Spacebar deformation.

    So the delivery time of these Keycaps should be within six months, which is quite a long time. Because the new mold is still in production, the sample in the photo is made with the old mold.