Stabilized Wood 65% Wrist Rest

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SKU: DP5416
by KBDfans

Estimated Shipping Date: Mid-January, 2023


  • Material: Stabilized wood
  • 65% Wrist Rest: 320mm(length) x 70mm(width) x 12mm(height) x 20mm(height)
  • The pattern and color are random. Specified color not accepted.


  • It is a normal phenomenon if there exits the little gouge or little stripe.
  • The pattern of stable wood is unique, each one is unique.
  • Dimensions are measured by hand and are for reference only.

Stabilized wood is a kind of wood after special process treatment. Stabilized wood is a kind of high-density wood. Stabilized wood is first dried, then all the internal moisture is evaporated, and then the dried wood is cured, and the wood is vacuumed by a vacuum pump. The air is drawn out, and then filled into the wood with pigment paste and resin, and finally the natural pattern of the wood appears, and this wood is called stable wood.

Stabilized wood will not deform or crack, and will not fade over time. It is generally used in the decoration of high-end products such as knife handles, cars, and airplanes. Stabilized wood needs to use vacuum to remove moisture, infiltrate the resin pigment oil into the wood, and then bake it to present a unique texture and gorgeous color. This process is expensive and complicated.