Tofu60 DZ60RGB V2 Hot swap 60% Custom keyboard kit

SKU: ZH1115
by KBDfans

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  1. DZ60RGB V2 PCB*1 (RGB Hot-swappable, comes with Arrow keys)
  2. TOFU 60% Aluminum/Acrylic Case*1
  3. Brass/Aluminum/Polycarbonate Plate*1
  4. Cherry Screw-in Stabilizers 60 Set*1
  5. Rubber feet and screws

For orders placed after 5/24, the flashing method has been changed.  Click here: New Flash Manual

Get the .bin file directly from here: New dztech_dz60rgb_v2_via.bin




      • DZ60RGB v2,QMK Firmware.
      • Each key is welded to RGB
      • Kailh Hot-swap socket 
      • USB-C Port


      • CNC manufacturing
      • Anodizing 


      • Polycarbonate/Brass/Aluminum
      • CNC manufacturing


      • Cherry screw-in stabilizers 

      VIA VIA Support:Download

      Default layout:

      • Is usb-c To usb-c cable supported? Yes,Supports C to C and A to C
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