TTC Watermelon Milkshake Switches(10 PCS)

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SKU: ZH1777
by TTC
  • Name: Watermelon Milkshake (WMSwitch)

  • Brand: KeyFirst

  • Manufacturer: TTC KeyFirst custom switch


Large tactile ahead

Clear tactile

feel like cherry brown switches 

Gold-plated spring

Product parameters:

Total travel: 4.0mm

Paragraph travel: 0.8mm

Conduction travel: 2.0mm

Paragraph pressure (0.8mm position): 55gf

Conduction pressure (2.0mm position): 45gf

Bottom pressure (4.0mm position): 63gf

Special Process:

On the premise of not affecting the performance of the product, the switch stem part is coated with oil and lubricated;