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by KBDfans


  • NOTE: As the lack of wooden wrist rest, part order of Polycarbonate Case/Polycarbonate Plate kit and Pine Green Case/ Brass Plate Kit might need to take 2 weeks, the rest kit will be shipped out in 2 days(2022-07-20)
  • Arranging the shipment from June 28th, gonna take 1 week, Polycarbonate Case kit still needs to wait 2 more weeks (2022-06-24)
  • All other accessories have arrived except the PCB (2022-06-01)
  • The rest park will arrive and be assembled in the following 4 weeks (2022-05-10)
  • Part of MAJA V2 arrived at the warehouse. The rest are still in production. (2022-05-01)
  • Top and Bottom case has been completed, other parts will continue to wait (2022-03-25)
  • In Production (2022-02-14)
  • Submitted to the factory, the factory will give the delivery date after the Spring Festival. (2022-1-13)

Group Buy Date: November 25th, 2021 to December 31st, 2021

Estimate shipping time: June 28th, 2022


  • Material: Aluminum/ Polycarbonate
  • Case color: E-white, Pine Green, Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Violet, Polycarbonate
  • PCB: hot-swap, with per-key RGB, 1.6mm thickness
  • Plate: PVD Brass/Polycarbonate
  • Structure: Gasket mount
  • Wrist Rest: Walnut, same as MAJA v1
  • Foam: case foam and PCB foam, gasket foam (PORON material)
  • Typing angle: 8°
  • Firmware: QMK support
  • Weight: Around 2.18 kg
  • Designers: Vulcan, KBDfans Wei


  • Case x1
  • Plate x1
  • PCB x1
  • USB Daughter board x1
  • Case foam x1
  • Plate foam x1
  • Gasket foam x1
  • PVD Stainless steel badge x1
  • PVD Stainless steel weight bar x1
  • PVD Brass weight bar x1
  • Walnut Wrist Rest x1
  • Rubber feet and screws


  • Due to the production process, we cannot guarantee that the PVD Stainless steel weight bar, PVD Stainless steel badge, and PVD Brass weight bar will be 100% flawless.


Assembly Service

  • Hot-swap PCB assembly service: Link