Group Buy (Pre-Order) Policy

Group Buy (Pre-Order) Policy

Refund Policy

Q - Can I request a refund/return for an in-stock item?

A - Yes, refunds are allowed within 14 days of delivery of the order. Order items must be unused, sealed, and in brand-new condition. Clearance items are not eligible for returns. Customers are responsible for the return shipping back to KBDfans and will not be refunded for shipping cost.

Reminder: If the order arrives damaged or defective, please contact customer service along with a photograph or video for reference.

Canceling an Order

Q - Can I cancel or modify an order that has not shipped (in-stock and pre-orders)?

A - Yes, for in-stock items that have not shipped, please contact us before your order ships to modify or cancel it. For open Group Buy or pre-order sales, you can also modify or cancel it before the order has shipped.

Delivery information can be updated as long as the order has not shipped. For closed Group Buy or pre-orders, cancellations can be made within 30 days of Group Buy’s closing date. All sales are final on Group Buy items and Group Buy extra sales. If there is an error/defect with your order, please contact customer service for assistance.

PayPal restocking fee

Q - Why is there a 3%/3.5% restocking fee on orders using PayPal?

A- Unfortunately, PayPal has changed its policy for sellers. For orders that are canceled, there is a 3%/3.5% restocking fee with these PayPal orders.

(3% for PayPal user, 3.5% for creadit card user)

If the order is canceled due to the production delay/substandard manufacturing process, KBDfans bear the cost.

If the order is canceled at the consumer's own request, the cost shall be borne by the consumer.

Taxes and Import Duties

Q - Why am I getting charged taxes and asked to pay import duty on my delivery?

A - KBDfans is subject to sales taxes (and VAT) in regions where it has an economic nexus. These amounts are calculated and monitored by Shopify.

For customers that reside in the European Union, all orders within 150 euros or less, will have customs duties included in their invoice. For amounts over 150 euros, import duties will be collected by the courier.

The courier may also impose other fees such as fuel surcharges, warehouse charges, and customs handling fees. For all regions, please check your local laws regarding import duties as it is the customer's responsibility, not KBDfans. Customers who refuse to pay their import duties are not eligible for a refund.

Shipping time

In-stock items: Please allow 3-5 working days for your order to process for all in-stock items excluding DIY keyboard kits and/or Fully Assembled keyboards. Any item that requires assembly or involves a service may take 1-2 weeks for processing/assembly. This includes lubed switches, lubed stabilizers, assembling a fully built keyboard, and arranging shipment for a DIY keyboard kit. For more accurate wait times, please contact customer service.

Group buy/Pre-order items: Regarding PBTfans keycap sets, any set that goes through a Group Buy method will be produced within 3 months usually. If any unexpected delay is to occur, an update will be posted on the product page and/or the Group Buy Updates page. Group buy purchases for keyboards generally take between 4 and 9 months, depending on the keyboard. The delivery time can vary due to the level of complexity of a product or the amount of orders needed to be filled. A general estimate can be provided a month after a Group Buy has ended. For more information, please contact customer support.

Reminder:Currently KBDfans does not accept orders with Pobox's address as they cannot be delivered by commercial courier!


All PCBs come with a 1-year warranty. If a customer has an issue with a PCB, they should contact KBDfans and follow the instructions provided by KBDfans. Any damage from improper switch installation, demolition, or unauthorized repair will void the warranty. All PCBs come pre-flashed with supporting firmware that is listed in the product description of the keyboard/PCB. Users are advised to contact KBDfans if they have any issues with the firmware. Any unauthorized flashing or flashing of firmware files not provided by KBDfans will void the PCB warranty.

Assembled keyboard by KBDfans has a 1-year warranty and will cover any factory defects that may occur. Any part of a keyboard that becomes damaged by the user or is considered normal wear and tear will not be covered by a warranty.

All customers who assemble a DIY kit are advised to test the components within 14 days of receiving their order before assembling. If any defects are to be discovered, they should be reported to KBDfans along with providing photos to assist in the issue. 

Any products that a customer modifies or lubricates are exempt from warranty.

Keycaps issues whether defective or missing keycaps must be reported within 14 days of the order being delivered. It is the responsibility of the original purchaser to inspect the product for workmanship and manufacturing defects and make a warranty claim within 14 days of receipt. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear at the store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

Keyboard and other accessories' quality control in both fit and finish can be seen in the Quality Control disclaimer on the product page. If a product arrives and does not meet this standard, please contact customer service and provide documentation (photo/video evidence) for a case-by-case solution.