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by ePBT

Inspiration: Inspired by Textualis or Textura style of calligraphy, inks and pens.
The project was the hardest and most time consuming project we ever did! Why?
Because everything is custom hand drawn. Instead of just using some downloaded font and glyphs, we created our own. The font is based on Old English/ Textura style of fonts.


GB Date: 2022


  • EU: Mykeyboard.eu         
  • US: Vala.supply           
  • WORLD: KBDFans               
  • CANADA: Deskhero.ca           
  • SEA:  Ilumkb                 
  • KOREA: Swagkeys               
  • OCEANIA: TBD         


We decided to keep the colors clean and sleek : Light shade of warm white caps with navy ink legends.
To add a little bit of flair and enchantment, we added an additional sub kit series called SPECTRUM . Small pops of pinks, purples and light blues definitely makes the whole set stand out!