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The MAGNUM 65 is a 65% Bluetooth keyboard that uses a gasket mounting style with over 40 parts.
The design theme of the MAGNUM 65 is based on the classic revolver. The revolver cylinder has been redesigned as a counterweight, which consists of 11 separate parts and 8 connecting parts, retaining the characteristic of the revolver cylinder being able to rotate, the bullets being detachable, and providing a sense of rotating segments.
Additionally, the MAGNUM 65 structure has been designed as a side magazine, placed on the side of the keyboard as an embellishment. The side magazine consists of a base and 6 bullets.

Design Overview

  • Based on the theme of MAGNUM, the design features an innovative ratchet structure for the cylinder counterweight and a side magazine design.
  • It also includes a gasket mounting style, it combined with silicone sockets on the plate stems to provide a soft typing experience.
  • It come with a screwless design to repercent minimalist aesthetic.
  • It offers a 4-channel bluetooth connectivity, allwoing total of 4 devices
  • RGB indicator light set.

Keyboard Specification


Case: Top and bottom aluminum case

Structure: Gasket mount

Weight bar: The weightbar has the ability to rotate and is supplemented with detachable bullets.

PCB: Bluetooth dual-mode 1.2/1.6 mm thickness PCB

Plate: Flex-cut/Non Flex-cut, aluminum/Fr4 plate

Designer: Carryworks

Friendly reminder: The keycaps, switches, and battery are not included.


Case x1

plate x1

Bluetooth dual-mode PCB x1

Side-mounted magazine (with 6 bullets)

Weight bar

Distributed silic