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SKU: ZH3129
by KBDfans
Finish most of the shipment (2022-01-21)
Arranging the shipment this week(2021-12-21)
Arranging the shipment after December 15th(2021-12-08)
In Production (2021-10-07)
Group Buy ends(2021-09-15)

Estimated shipping date: December 15th,2021


For all the customers who already joined the Odin Group Buy!
KBDfans has passed the design of the PC plate on Odin mechanical keyboard. If you joined the ODIN Group Buy and purchased before the Group Buy ends you will receive a PC plate in your package for free!
The Odin PC plate sound test is coming soon in the meantime. Thank you for participating with KBDfans, we will try our best to provide the best service to the community.

Assemble service

Hot-swap assemble service: link (Please add 100 switches in the cart together)
Soldered assemble service: link (Please add 110 switches in the cart together)

Design inspiration

    The inspiration of the design is from the Stora Hammars I image stone which considers being Odin's cult symbol.
    Speak of Odin, who associates with wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows,  knowledge, war, battle, victory, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and projects him as the husband of the goddess Frigg.
    From KBDfans's point of view, the Odin means everything we wanted in a set of a keyboard with 100% layout!.
    Are you getting sick of the tiny layouts? Let's meet the Odin!


  • Group Buy starts date: 15th Aug- 15 Sep 2021
  • Estimated ship date: End of December,2021
  • Case: top aluminum bottom aluminum, default aluminum weight bar. (brass weight bar is an additional option)
  • Case color: Black, Grey, Blue, Burgundy red, E-white, Silver, Purple.
  • Wired version PCB: solder version and hot-swap version; The solder version does not have the underground RGB light, the hot-swap version supports the per-key RGB.
  • Notes: Support VIA and VIAL, It is recommended to use VIA. VIAL's firmware is not official
  • Plate: Brass
  • Structure: gasket mount; 100% layout 
  • USB-C interface
  • USB-Port Protector: aluminum 
  • Translucent badge: Acrylic sandblasting ( Brass badge is an additional option)
  • Foam: case foam and PCB foam (PORON material)
  • Typing angle: 7°
  • Weight: around 2kg (aluminum weight bar)
  • Designer: KBDfans Wei


      • Aluminum case x1
      • Aluminum weight bar x1
      • Aluminum USB port protector
      • Acrylic sandblasting badge
      • PCB x1
      • Brass plate x1
      • Case foam x1
      • PCB foam x1
      • Screw-in stabilizers 104 kit x1(2U*7 6.25U*1, extra 7U wire* 1)
      • Gaskets x1 set
      • Screws x1 set
      • Rubber feet x1 set

      Reminder: Brass weight bar and Brass badge are additional options

      Odin Building Tutorial Video