KBDfans M2-3 Countersunk Flat Head screw kit

SKU: DP1249
by KBDfans


  • M2-3 Flat head x13pcs
  • M2x3 Countersunk head x13pcs
  • M2-3.5 Copper nickel plating Screw posts x13pcs

Because it is packed by machine, if one is missing, it is normal, usually there are 13 in each package.

Works with the following keyboards

  • D60
  • D65
  • Boop65 (hot-swap version)
  • KBD67 lite R1
  • Melody65(hot-swap version)
  • Bella (hot-swap version)
  • TFV2
  • MAJA (hot-swap version)
  • KBD67 MarK II (hot-swap version)
  • Pebble

  Material: 304 stainless steel