Odin V2 keyboard accessories

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SKU: DP4955
by KBDfans
  • PCB: Hot-swap PCB
  • Plate: Polycarbonate
  • Weight bar: PVD coating Brass (2 colors: PVD Gold; PVD Laser)
  • Foam kit: Case Foam & PCB foam & Switch pad
  • Silicone socks Set: 1 pack=20 pcs
  • Badge: PVD coating Brass (2 colors:: PVD Gold; PVD Laser)
  • Wooden Wrist Rest: walnut

Friendly reminder

  • The weight Bar& wooden wrist rest of Odin V2 are compatible with Odin V1
  • The badge& plate& foam kit of Odin V2 are not compatible with Odin V1