PBTfans™ Klein Blue

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by PBTfans


2022-8-1:This is an unfinished rendering, so 40S, International Kit, and other kits are not in the image.

We are working on the new 3D model to add the injection port position to the rendering.
So the picture you see now is not the final sale picture.
The base layout will be like Neon, providing Latin,Hiragana is just an option, it is expected to be updated with new renderings in 2 weeks.

The sample has been completed and is in transit. Before selling, we will update the photo of the real sample.

International Klein Blue (IKB) is the unique color born by one of the greatest artists in history - Yves Klein.
Yves Klein was a French artist and an important figure in post-war European art. He was a leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau réalisme founded in 1960 by art critic Pierre Restany. Klein was a pioneer in the development of performance art and is seen as an inspiration to and forerunner of minimal art.

This is the blue people started to appreciate after more than half a century since its birth, its minimalist vibe and its visual impact comes from its heavy reliance on ultramarine.

In-Stocked Sale: TBD


  • Material: ABS material (semi-transparent)
  • Profile: Cherry profile
  • Production Method: Doubleshot
  • Manufacturer: PBTfans™
  • Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover
  • Friendly Reminds: Only keycaps included, no keyboard
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones