Keyreative New keycaps height profile KAM preview (Not KAT)

Keyreative New keycaps height profile KAM preview (Not KAT)

Keyreative New keycaps height profile KAM preview (Not KAT)
         First, I want to apologize that this thread should be about KAT height profile rather than KAM one. However, there’s some problem with our supplier of DSA profile keycaps for Starry Night set. And then we decided to replace DSA profile with KAM profile to manufacture Starry Night R2 set. Hopefully we can reach full production within 3 months. For KAT profile, which has the capability of full production, I’ll open a new thread later these days. I hope you can keep an eye on KAT profile at that time.
        首先非常抱歉的是:本应该先详细介绍KAT高度的新型PBT键帽,单由于Starry Night 的DSA高度供应商突然出现问题,我们临时决定KAM高度紧急上线,使用该高度替换DSA高度生产 Starry Night  R2的订单,并大约于3个月左右实现量产。对于已经具备量产条件的KAT高度,我会在最近几天再开一贴着重介绍,还希望各位可以多多关注。

KAM profile is a profile like DSA profile, quite flat. It was originally R2 of KAT profile and has been designed and proved three months ago.
As this profile will replace DSA profile in our lineups, now I’m going to compare these two profiles:
1. The length of the base is 0.1mm longer than the one of DSA (ps. Cherry 18.2mm OEM 18mm). When applied to the keyboard, the gap between key caps will be closer. Meanwhile, the length of printing area will be 0.45mm bigger, which will improve accuracy of typing.
1. 底部外框尺比DSA键帽大了0.1mm(另:Cherry为18.2mm,OEM为18mm),装配到键盘后,键帽间隙更小,关系更加密切;正刻面积也增加了0.45mm,适度的面积增大既增加确认率,又不会提高误触率。

2. The thickness of the side wall will be 0.55mm more than DSA profile.
3. As it’s chosen from KAT R2, the height will be 1.05mm more than DSA.
4.The whole set includes: 1u, 1u raised line, 1.25u, 1.75u, 1.75u Step, 2.0u, 2.25u, 2.75u, ISO Enter, 2u space bars, 3u space bars, 6u space bars, 6.25u space bars and 7u space bars. And that will fit most of the Cherry MX keyboards.     
5. The surface of KAM height profile key caps is smooth, and it’s probably the first smooth PBT keycaps available in the market. 

The image above is indicative only. The actual products may differ.                                          
And that’s all about the preview of KAM profile. As it’s prepared in such a hurry, some information may not be included. Please don’t hesitate to reply this thread if you have any questions, and I’ll either reply or edit this thread.
Also, I’ll update the status of the mold under this thread.       

About  StarryNight R2
关于 StarryNight R2   
We’ll use KAM profile to manufacture Starry Night Set if you opt in, and that will be around 3 months before dispatch. If you have any problems and want to opt out, we’ll contact everyone to arrange the refund.   
As mentioned on previous thread, we’ll compensate part of Animal series (Unrevealed yet) to R2 customers. These keycaps will be KAM profile as well.   
        我们会给与参与了StarryNight R2并愿意等待的朋友使用该款键帽作为素材,大约需要3个月左右可以交付货物,如果出现其他情况,我们会迅速联系所有人并统一退款。
        根据之前帖子所述,作为补偿,我们会将没面世的 部分Animal 系列键帽作为补偿 送给R2用户,键帽高度也会使用KAM高度。 (我们会在补偿之前,使用DSA高度作为首发,但为了统一,赠送的为KAM高度)