Tofu65 DZ65RGB V3 Hot Swap Customized Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

SKU: ZH1342
by KBDfans

For orders placed after 5/29, 2021,the flashing method has been changed. 

  • Tofu65 aluminum case 
  • Tofu Case Acceptable Quality Standards:  There may be a little hanging points inside the case surface
  • Each key is RGB LED
  • QMK Firmware
  • USB-C 
  • 65% Layout
  • Made In China


    • Hot-Swap DZ65RGB v3 PCB*1
    • USB-C cable*1
    • Cherry screw-in stabilizers 60 set *1
    • Case*1 (Aluminum case with brass weight)
    • Plate*1 
    • Screws and rubber feet

    If you need us to assemble it for you, please add this link to cart. Assembly link
    Remember to buy the switches you need!

    VIA VIA Support:Download